Details of the service provided by InterCash Pty Limited (ACN 133 970 288) through PokerStars from 1 September 2013 is as follows:

Buying-in to PokerStars

You can deposit AUD$, NZD$ or USD$ into one of InterCash's accounts and we will transfer the USD$ equivalent into your PokerStars account as soon as we can confirm that your deposit has been cleared. For AUD deposits we use the Westpac spot sell exchange rate for T/T's. For NZD$ we use the BNZ cheque sell rate. This will work out far better than using a credit card and being charged around 2% on a much worse exchange rate. There is no charge for the currency conversion but a commission charge of USD$1 will apply to all deposits.

After you have made a deposit please make a transaction request so that we can check the relevant bank account. When filling out the request, the system will want to know which account you made the deposit into and what your PokerStars player ID is so we can make the USD$ transfer to you (please add your banking details if you haven't already). If you make an AUD$ deposit at a branch of either the CBA or ANZ or via the internet banking facility of one of these banks, then we should be able to confirm it immediately. Transfers from banks other than those will usually get processed the next business day.

Cashing out from PokerStars

Due to some discriminatory restrictions placed on us by PokerStars we can no longer process any cash outs. We can only suggest withdrawing from PokerStars to your Neteller account and then transferring your USD funds to our Neteller account: to receive speedy AUD or NZD funds.

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Thank you for using Intercash services. Please click below for details about making deposits and withdrawals through Pokerstars using Gary"s service.